KC Miller is a Seeker! She always has been one! Very early in life KC challenged her Sunday school teacher as to WHY she was allowed to only pray pre-written approved prayers. Unsatisfied with the answer given her, KC has remained a committed seeker for over six decades, seeking to connect with Divine on a deep personal level, while serving as a Guide and teacher of others seeking to do the same.

KC is the founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Tempe, Arizona – a nationally accredited private ‘college community’ for those seeking to discover their gifts in the healing arts and holistic wellness field. Her passion is teaching, especially teaching yoga, Mindful Guided Imagery (MGI), Spiritual Coaching, Polarity, Toe Reading and Spirit-Guided Entrepreneurship.

As a longtime yogi, KC has a deep passion for the Yoga Sutras, and has facilitated a series of 108 Day Yoga Sutra Explorations. A galley of the Yoga Sutra studies are contained within this website.

KC’s life purpose has been to touch lives, help heal bodies and free souls. For more about KC’s life story, go to ABOUT KC”

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  • mail_image_preview 1Sep

    Day 1 of 108 Days ~ NOW begins the practice of love!

    Invitation #1 ~ Today sit with your heart in PAUSE . . . REFLECT on what it is your inner Guidance reveals to...

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    Would Yoga have Saved Robin Williams Life?

    Without an iota of humor, satire, or sarcasms, I seriously ponder the thought: Would yoga have saved Robin Williams life?...

  • beware-2 31May

    Spiritual Dyslexia ~ I see it differently

    Even as a child of 7 years old I understood being singled out to be in the ‘Orange-bird’ reading group...


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    Day 11 of 108 ~ Choose to Remember Consciously

    Yoga Sutra 1.11 reminds us that one of the thought patterns that can cause us suffering is memory. The Sanskrit...

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    Day 5 ~ All glasses are man-made, with colored lens of judgment!

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    Day 4 of 108 ~ The chocolate lover’s dilemma

    Yoga Sutra 1.4 reminds me of the chocolate lover’s dilemma. Sometimes chocolate lovers love chocolate so much they want to...